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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 16

Congratulations to last week's winner Hunter Whitenack!

He probably doesn't care he won the majority of the vote because stats are overrated. He's just looking for his new victim to maul.

Now for this week's nominees

1. Mike Masunas TE Recruit, MSU

Look not many 18-year-olds just randomly strap themselves to hummer and 2 pickup trucks and start pulling it. That takes a certain breed. That's a football guy. 

2. Wink Martindale, DC Baltimore Ravens

Missing Christmas for football, football guy. 

3. Greg Kittle and Greg Olsen

Guys being dudes, what's better than that. 

4. Random Arizona Cardinals fan with shoulder pads

The thing is, remember in Popwarner and Highschool you could always tell who were scrubs by the way they held themselves in shoulder pads. Like you could tell who was about to get crack back blocked just by the way their pads rested on their body. This dude fits that criteria but that's an even bigger hustle to bring that energy to the game. Maybe just throw that guy out on kickoff one time for the cardinals to see what happens. 

Old school Football guy of the week

This John Henderson pregame slap video is all time. Had to use it.