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Michael Bisping Sets The Record Straight On His "Hungover" Press Conference With Georges St-Pierre

Michael Bisping put on one of the most infamous (and entertaining) press conference performances in history back in 2017 when he showed up on stage still drunk - or simply hungover, as he puts it - from the night before....

It spawned countless clips and funny memes still used frequently on MMA Twitter today ("Are you intoxicated?!"), and in the moment - it just felt like the most hilariously chaotic situation imaginable for one of those things, especially with Georges St-Pierre sitting across the stage from him.

I had Michael Bisping on my show today and he finally set the record straight on what happened in the lead up to that presser, and what Dana White said to him afterwards, which made for a hilarious story. Plus, he debated Oasis vs Blur with me....

….and also didn't have very many kind things to say about Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II….

It was a blast and an honor to finally chat with this legend. Check it out on YouTube now or wait til it hits our podcast feed tomorrow!