What Should The Punishment Be For These Oak Park Kids That Threw Eggs At Santa Claus?

As Joe Buck would say "That is a DISGUSTING act"

I don't condone throwing anything at Santa Claus (unless you run into those assholes who were making bootleg toys in 'Jingle All The Way'), but when I saw the story about who this guy was and why he does it it made me kinda angry

He does it just to spread holiday cheer for the community! Not even a paid city employee or a Senior from Fenwick who was doing community service in a Santa suit because he got caught vaping in the bathroom. Just a regular old guy who does it for the people and he can't even do it without getting guerilla warfared by yolks.

This brings the question of what should the punishment be if they catch these two jabronis?

My vote is to duct tape em to Doc Ryan's and have the community pelt them with eggs for the entirety of Christmas Eve. An egg for an egg and call it even.