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Congrats To Pope Francis On Getting The No. 1 Item On His Christmas List - A Signed Coach Cal Basketball

And just like that any concern I had about this team is washed away. We got the Pope on our sides. The Catholic schools don't even have that - sorry Nova. Pope Francis wanted one thing and one thing only, a signed Coach Cal basketball and he got it. Can't say I blame him. People love to be Kentucky fans and it's clear the cool Pope is one of us. He is Big Blue Nation and this is what we needed. This is as important as kicking UNC's ass and Coach Cal talking about having Kellan Grady launch shots and playing fast. This is as important as big Oscar's transfer and being a dominating center. This is as important if Sahvir Wheeler starts to make a couple threes a game. 

And yes I'm fully aware how comical it is when Pope Francis goes back to the Vatican and googles Coach Cal. But for now I like to believe he's got the sports package over there and is living and dying with every Kentucky game. He probably hates Coach K since he looks like the Blue Devil mascot and well, we know the story with the devil. Just what I needed to see as we get ready for a 6pm tip against WKU. Pope is on our side.