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PJ Williams Should Be Kicked Out Of The NFL For These Bush League Tactics

PJ Williams is a Safety for the New Orleans Saints and a fine player. He actually made the game sealing pick 6 vs. Tom Brady earlier this year to seal the win. I'm obviously a Bucs fan, but can respect when guys make great plays, which is what that was.

This past weekend on Sunday Night Football, PJ Williams made what I'm calling a dirty play that resulted in a torn ACL from Bucs star Wide Receiver Chris Godwin.

Now by the letter of the law, it was a legal hit. It sucks because the NFL is forcing Defensive Backs to go low instead of high with the focus on player safety and fines for helmet-to-helmet shots. But this one just seemed like he had a lot of time to adjust his target area and Godwin is a defenseless receiver at the moment of contact. From a human element, this is awful outside of the Bucs playoff push as Godwin is a free agent this off-season after being Franchised this past off-season. So this injury directly affects his earning potential which is a huge bummer as he is a great guy.

Godwin will be missed, but I persevered and continued watching the All-22 of that butt whooping from SNF. In watching the tape last night, in the 2nd half, I noticed #26 going wildly low AGAIN! It jumped off the screen to me and I couldn't believe this guy would do this just after severely injuring another player.

Williams clearly goes for Gronk's kneecap here, launching himself from the literal ground.

We're not playing a results game as this didn't injure Gronk, but I ask you - what would have happened if PJ Williams had ended Gronk's career with this hit (which it very clearly could have)? What would have been the outrage then? Chris Godwin is a young player still (he'll be 26 in February) and will recover. I believe PJ Williams tried to end Gronk's career on this and this screams dirty player to me. And even though no action will be taken by the NFL - who will PJ Williams injure next with these bush league tactics?

I'm getting feedback from all angles. From former players like (former Falcons WR) Brian Finneran that played against the Saints backing my claim that the team is intentionally dirty:

To former Saints greats like Deuce McAllister and Football media moguls like Ross Tucker saying things move too fast to judge intent:

Do you think it was a dirty hit? Sound off in the comments below or on twitter. 

I spoke about it all with Saints fan, my co-host on Fantasy Football Factory Ben Mintz on this week's podcast. Catch it here for our instant reactions to the ass whooping the Saints delivered the Bucs.