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The NBA Isn't Protecting The Raptors From COVID - They're Sparing Them From The Wrath Of The Chicago Bulls

I checked my sources and I can confirm that there's no Bulls/Raptors game tonight which is cool but I just want people to be honest. DeMar DeRozan was set to score approximately 96 points tonight in a little over 28 minutes of play. Sportsbooks and oddsmakers couldn't set his prop totals high enough. There's blood in the water everywhere and you know the Bulls were jonesing to get to 20-wins before Christmas. Every sign pointed to a large scale blowout with the Raptors sitting so many guys due to COVID. 

Well turns out the NBA has more mercy in its heart than suggested by its international relations. Turns out they don't want to see the 4th string Toronto Raptors get ruthlessly slaughtered going into a global holiday. Everybody gets to go home and be with their family instead of witnessing a 50-point bloodbath. Adam Silver may look evil but that's actually kinda nice of him. Senator Palpatine would've done something similar. 

I imagine this is probably good news to the players. Maybe they won't say it but deep down this is awesome. They'll basically end up playing 1 game in a two week span. That's probably the first time since elementary school in most of their lives they've gotten this much downtime in around the holidays. This is ripe basketball season and they get to hang out and taste the good life of being normal and watching college football and eating a disproportionate amount of unhealthy things and hang with family. I'm sure it's going to get old quick, but you just know Vooch is having a blast right now. LaVine is probably knee deep in a Halo 3 campaign. Caruso's probably doing plyometrics because he doesn't take days off but just think of Lonzo with his feet up eating some portillos and hanging out. That makes me happy. 

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