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Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop Had No Time For Locker Room Shenanigans After Upsetting Alabama

Vet move by Bob McKillop here. Don't get me wrong, he's jazzed up to beat Alabama and everything, but he's been through it all. The man coached Steph Curry, he's been a part of upsets for years. He's not going to let a bunch of college kids get his suit and perfectly combed hair all wet. No sir. That's why he takes the walk behind the chalk board and gets a towel. Gets out basically dry. 

You know what? He deserves it. McKillop had a masterclass coaching last night. Alabama is a weird team where when they lose you assume it's because of shooting variance and they shot like shit. Nope. Last night was all about defense. Davidson and that motion offense that McKillop has made famous just lit up Alabama. Davidson shot 50% from three because they were open, not because they were just chucking. Look at the ball movement here. It's borderline porn. 

I do think we need to talk about Alabama for a second. They have one of the weirdest resumes out there in the nonconference. They have wins over Houston and Gonzaga but not have losses to Iona, Davidson and Memphis. It makes no sense. Like I said, typically when they lose it's because they aren't making threes. Against Memphis and Davidson it was defense, that's different. Yes, Alabama scores tends to be higher up but that's because of how fast they play. They were 3rd in the country defensively last year. This year? 53rd. They are going to be fine, but there is a ceiling on Alabama if they are sub-50 defensively. You can't keep winning games, especially in the NCAA Tournament if you're sub-50. 

If you're a mid-major fan this win was big. It helps out San Francisco who beat Davidson and therefore keeps Davidson as a Quad 1 type win. Davidson gets a quad 1 win and has one that can sit on their resume through the A-10. Oh and I love this tweet, especially when you find out that this game only happened at the last minute after both Alabama and Davidson had opponents go on COVID pause.