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1st Ballot Hall Of Fame MixTape Guy Mac McClung Finally Makes It To The NBA With The Chicago Bulls

I'm sure there's some basketball expert in the comment section that can easily tell me why this sucks and frankly I don't care. Keep your logic to yourself. I absolutely fucking love Mac McClung for no other reason than his high school mixtape. I am marginally aware of him transferring in college. I know he has some kind of reputation. It's not alleged that he's Alex Caruso 2.0 out of the box and this makes the Bulls better. By no means does any of this matter. 

The most significant thing is that we just added a first round high school highlight reel to our catalogue. I get to be a Mac McClung guy. I've always wanted to be a MMG since seeing the highlights many years ago of him dunking all over people. See Red and Go Bulls obviously but then next order of business: eat your heart out.

Such a clean tape. Now there's a guy with one arm who is basically putting mixtapes out of business because they'll never get bet better. Shoutout this guy. 

But end of the day, all know the GOAT. There's only 1 and his name is Sam McGuffie. 

If you do anything this holiday season - just one thing - watch that video right there of Sam McGuffie. I've heard rumors about Noel Devine's tape and I don't care. McGuffie is one of the top 2 highlight guys of all time and he's not second. 

In any event, welcome home Mac. Can't wait to have you in studio. 

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