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Arizona State Hoops Had To Cancel Its Game Today Because Their Facility Apparently Doesn't Have Water, Power Or Lights

Since when do we let no water, power or lights cancel a game? Game is getting soft if you ask me. Here's what they should do, let's get creative. It's Arizona and I'm pretty sure Arizona is always warm. Just play it outside. Let's find a decent park and run it there with fans surrounding it. Shit, if we can play on a boat, surely we can play at a park. 

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

Leagues across all sports are trying to find new spots to play. We have football games in baseball stadiums. We have hockey games outside. We have football games in other countries. There are very few nostalgic feelings in basketball than playing outside. Every kid did it, especially if you're in your 30s. You remember the days of getting your crew together and playing for hours outside. It was an awesome feeling. It didn't matter if you played on double rims, chain nets or anything else like that. It hits what we all miss - the 90s. 

Gotta admit though this is one of the weirdest cancellations we've seen. I know Arizona State needs to upgrade facilities, but we're talking about a Pac-12 school. This isn't some small school. Just start embracing games being played outside when you have to. Just let us watch college hoops.