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Imagine Being This Idiot Tik Tokker who tried to fight Masvidal

When has it ever been a good idea to try to provoke real fighters? I mean this is such a modern phenomenon where regular kids are out there trying to provoke some of the most dangerous men in the world. Imagine a kid back in Tyson's or Ali's heyday straight up disrespecting and shoving them. I get that it's for Tik Tok clout, but also when did tik tokkers with less than 5k followers start to get the bread to get close to ringside at the fight? Like I looked up this kid Corbin Bryce, surprisingly there are tons of Corbin Bryceses who are influencers, and this ginger dude isn't even the one with the largest following. Masvidal's team claims the kid shoved him and was talking shit. Unfortunately, Jake Paul gave the kid a reply which got him going even more. 

I am wondering where the hell did this kid get the money to do this shit?

Before this video happened he had one paintball Tik Tok that didn't even get 1 million views, then all of a sudden he's ringside trying to fight Masvidal. 

Who cares if he shoved Masvidal, I am sorta glad Masvidal didn't hit him because this kid would have totally milked the whole thing.