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Hollywood Conspiracy Theories: Why Kim K. & Pete Davidson's Relationship is FAKE

I think Kris Jenner hired Pete Davison to help cover up Kardashian PR scandals and to help Kim K. get back on top and heres why:

Part 1: Why I Think Pete & Kim are FAKE News

Pete Davidson came into Kim K.'s life at a very convenient time. She was wanting to remove herself from Kanye and what better way that than with Pete Davidson. It all started with the roller coaster pictures. 

Those pictures started it all and helped build this idea that Kim and Pete were dating. From there we fully removed Kim from Kanye because we LOVE Pete Davidson and we wanted to believe that this relationship could be real. After those roller coaster pics we didn't hear much again about Kim and Pete until the Astro World tragedy and Kim releasing her unisex line of Skims. During this PR crisis and PR promotion another set of pictures were released of Kim and Pete. And this time they were in public wearing the new unisex line of Skims, holding hands and posting pictures with Flavor Flav. And what did we all forget about...? ASTRO WORLD and what did we all want to buy?! SKIMS... 

After those pictures, we once again did not hear much about Kim/Pete until Astro World was getting brought up again because more and more was coming out about it and Travis Scott's name was literally getting destroyed. So what happened?! Kim K. gave Pete Davidson a hickey to make us all shut up!

After that PR clean up we ONCE AGAIN didn't hear much from Pete and Kim. In fact, everyone was shipping Miley Cyrus and Pete because the two are hosting Miley's New Years Eve Special together. BUT THEN what happens?! Tristian Thompson decides to cheat on Khloe Kardashian AGAIN, has a baby with another women and tries to get this women to keep quiet by paying her hush money. And the Kardashians are BACK IN THE NEWS and not in a good way. So what happens?! Kim and Pete hangout again IN PUBLIC at a local movie theater in Staten island…

Lastly, I think this is fake because why is Kim K. being SO public about this relationship. She was married to Kanye for years and the most we knew about them was that they had multiple kids with names that were directions. Kim K. has literally always been SO private about her relationships in the past, so why make this one so PUBLIC especially since she is in the middle of a divorce and has a full blown family of her own!?

PART 2: Whats in it for Kim

Whats not in it for Kim?! This literally brought Kim K. back on top. During 2020, the Kardashian Kraze kind of died. They were big but not as big as they had been in the past and Kim K. was def not the fav Kardashian anymore. With Kim in hiding practicing to be a lawyer, raising a family and dealing with a divorce - Kourtney stepped into the spotlight with her new boo, Travis Barker. And these two stole the mother effing show with their love for one another. And I think that pissed Kim off. She wasn't used to being 2nd. She even told Kourtney that she was the least interesting sister to look a few years ago and now Kourt was proving her wrong.

SO how does Kim fix that?! She decides to take one for the team, picks a guy similar but arguably better/more famous that Travis Barker and runs with this new relationship. And it's working!!!! Since the Pete/Kim "relationship" scandal, Kim K is back and better than ever!!!

Part 3: What's In It For Pete Davidson

Once again…WHAT ISN'T IN IT FOR PETE! He gets to fake date THE hottest celeb in the world. He gets an 'in' with the most powerful family in the world. The Kardashians control everything and if you have an 'in' with them you are set. They are like a trust fund for staying relevant. Also, since him and Kim fake dating was announced he is arguably as famous as he's ever been and the most talked about male celebrity. We also have to remember that Pete Davidson is a comedian at the end of the day. Comedians need interesting lives so they can write the best bits. This fake relationship of his is giving him all the content he needs for SNL and other comedy shows he's doing. This is also opening up so many doors for him. He could literally do anything right now with how loved/famous is he over this Kim K. scandal. 

And those are my conspiracy theories on why I think Kim K and Pete Davidson are FAKE dating. If you want to watch any of my videos in it - head over to my TikTok.

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