Bert Kreischer's Drinking Pump-Up Speech Needs To Be Played At Pre Games Until The End Of Time

Everybody loves a good pump-up speech. Whether it's from Vince Lombardi, Tim Tebow, Ted Lasso, or from the legendary coach Norman Dale, pump-up speeches intentions are to get the juices flowing for the team to do something special out on the field that night. Now do they always work? Of course they don't- though if the speech does what it's supposed to do in the time it's given how can you complain? And that is exactly what Bert Kreischer did in this Sundae Conversation when one Caleb Pressley asked him about his love of booze'ing.

Were we expecting this sort of legendary speech when that question was asked? Of course we weren't. But was it awesome? It absolutely friggen was. And now because of that both myself and others will never need to look for true motivation again when considering going out on a Friday or Saturday night. All we're gonna have to do is throw on this video and within no time we will be, as Stuart Feiner likes to say, READY TO ROLL READY TO ROLL READY TO ROLL. So there's nothing else we can do other than thank Bert for this one. Amazing.