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A Coach From Indiana State Is Trying To Find A Team To Play Them Tomorrow By Hopping On Twitter And Offering To Bring Gifts

It's so damn annoying we are back to this. This was all a year ago when teams would go on Twitter to find a last second game. It's happening again as we have 35ish teams or so on COVID pause. But this? This one is my favorite. I happened to see it this morning. Indiana State's assistant coach is using the holiday's and wine to try and book them a game. 

Good to know that even in the college basketball world it's the same as showing up to a parent's house or something. You go grab a $15 bottle of wine, put it in a decorative bag and call it a day. Good chance you end up drinking most of that wine, especially if it's a girlfriend or an in-laws house. They pop it open, pour a glass for them and you and you get a little nervous/bored drinking. It happens. 

I don't care how games get scheduled, just schedule them. I don't care if it's last minute like Kentucky calling everyone in the country before booking Western Kentucky to replace Louisville. A true Some Things spot: 

Someone play Indiana State tomorrow. Go get your bottle of wine and crack it open win or lose. Just let me have as many college basketball games as possible.