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Nobody In The History Of Humanity Has Ever Been Better At Tag Than This Man Right Here

Think about how much time you spent playing tag growing up. You'd get home from school and run around the neighborhood for hours until your mom called you in for dinner. You add all that time up and you've spent days, weeks, months, heck maybe even years of your life playing tag. You and every other kid since the dawn of time. 

And throughout all those countless games of tag which have occurred the world, we have never witness a performance quite as dominant as the one we saw out of this Xavia Alvarez cat. This monster just took out an entire team and he didn't even break a sweat. Granted, he ripped his pants. But not a sweat. He made it look so incredibly effortless in the way only a true GOAT can. 

(Wayne Gretzky + Michael Jordan) x (Tiger Woods + Tom Brady) = this fella. 

What I'm curious about, though, is how his teammates feel about this. The thing is that if you're an adult participating in World Chase Tag, I don't necessarily think you're doing it for the fame and fortune. More likely you're doing it for the love of the game. I know these guys are all going to act like they're happy about this dude setting a world record. But in the back of their mind,  you know they have to be so sick and tired of never getting a chance to play because this dude simply never loses. Imagine having to tell your boss that you need to take a few days off from work next week because you're participating in a World Chase Tag event. Then you get back to work on Monday, they ask how it went, and you have to tell them you didn't even get a chance to do anything because Xavia was too busy being the GOAT. You're fired immediately. Not for taking off from work, but for being a beta. I just have to imagine there's some friction in that locker room right now. Some underlying tension.