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The Browns Lose On A Last Second Kick In The Nuts....Cleveland Is Heartbroken

I'm heartbroken. 

There's no other way to put it. I'd rather have gotten beat by 30 points. Our practice squad executed the perfect game plan. Hang around, hang around, hang around, hang around....and then when you get the opportunity, take it. Not much more we could've asked for from Nick Mullens. Lead us down the field for a 4th quarter 4th down touchdown to go up 14-13, and he was 3:45 away from never buying a drink in Cleveland again. Was about to be a moment that we all remembered for the rest of our lives. The time when Big Dick Nick and Chubb took a bunch of replacement players and beat the Raiders on Monday night, sending the Browns into 1st place in the AFC North.

 Baker was loving it:

At 7:45 pm, I would've voted YES to build a Nick Mullens statue outside the stadium. And we even got a Greedy Williams interception on the next drive. All we needed was a first down and this game was over. But a 3 and out that only took 57 seconds off the clock just isn't going to cut it.

What do we think of the play calling there? I'm torn. I see people being upset that we didn't "go for the win". But also, if we don't give Nick Chubb the football there, people are rioting in the streets right now. I do wish we would've gone with a screen on third down, but if we go down riding Nick Chubb, I'll live.

I'm not upset with any Browns players or coaches tonight (even though the missed FG appears to be rather costly). I'm just mostly disappointed in the NFL. We shouldn't have had to play this game. Our practice squad lost by 2. Our starters would've won by 100 and we'd be sitting on top of the AFC North right now as the #4 seed. Instead, we're the 12th seed and a far cry from the postseason. This is on you, Roger Goodell. I hope not cancelling this week made you a billion dollars, because it just potentially cost the city of Cleveland a lifetime of memories. We win tonight and we make the playoffs. Now? We've got A LOT of work to do. 

But, whining and complaining isn't going to make it any better. The fact of the matter is that the Browns now probably need to win out to make the playoffs. And we've got the Packers next week....on December 25th. Anyone sense a Christmas Miracle? Get all the boys to test negative, go into Lambeau, and beat Aaron Rodgers. Get us back on track. Tall task? Yeah, of course. But don't let us win this week. Because if we win this week....we're beating the Steelers on MNF. And then it's Browns vs. Bengals in Week 18 with the winner going to the playoffs. IN CLEVELAND.

It's not over yet. The NFL is doing their best to keep us down, but it's not over yet. The NFL may have just won the battle, but they have yet to win the war. I can't wait for asymptomatic Baker Mayfield to test negative, because when he does, he's going to rally the troops. It might be a long shot, but we've still got a shot. Chip and a chair.