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Russia Not Even Trying To Hide The Fact That They're Longing For The Old Days As They Wear USSR Jerseys In Game vs Finland

Everyone loves a sweet throwback jersey. Something to remind your fans of better times and inspire to your player to lean on the tradition of greatness. There is no denying that the USSR was better than the teams Russia has sent to international competition, with or without steroids. The Red Army was an absolute FORCE back in the day. Just look at what the Soviets did in their reign. 

Olympic Gold Medals: 7

World Championships: 20

World Junior Championships: 12

People Killed: 20 million

People Imprisoned: 18 million

Easy to see why the Russian Federation would want to turn back the clocks, I guess. 

Meanwhile, USA is also going with throwbacks

Cold Wars Won: 1

World Cups Won: 1