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Chris Godwin Has A Torn ACL And Is Done For The Season

This is an absolute death blow after initial reports were just a sprained MCL and maybe a bone bruise. It came on this hit by a lowlife Saints players that was clearly targeting Godwin's knee.

Lots of Saints fans are defending this saying it's a legal hit, which technically it is as it wasn't flagged. But at the end of this audio you can hear Cris Collinsworth start to talk about how he needs to think about what to say. Collinsworth, a former WR talks about how unfortunate it is that with the new rules protecting players heads that it forces DBs to go low (not this low though).

Now the Bucs will be without Chris Godwin who is an outstanding WR for their playoff run. Godwin is a BEAST and while his receiving skills will be missed:

his blocking will be sorely missed.


Godwin came up big last January en route to the Super Bowl:

Including a 5-catch 110 yard day in the NFC Championship that concluded with a key 1st down run to seal the game.

But the train rolls on. Antonio Brown is off of suspension today and the Bucs got good news on Mike Evans, who will be week-to-week after pulling his hamstring last night, and could play this Sunday at Carolina. Hopefully Godwin can get surgery and have a safe and speedy recovery.