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Credit Where It's Due, Dave's "Rich Person on Exotic Vacation You Can’t Afford Playlist" Is An Audible Journey Through Decadence And Grandeur.

The headline was my best attempt at mimicking what those pitchfork or rolling stone Journalists come up with. 

But like it says. Credit where it's due. 

It's truly a Christmas Miracle.

Just last week I announced the Barstool Backstage Spotify Channel. Along with custom curated playlists of all the best new shit in every genre, we'd be tapping your favorite content people at Barstool to submit custom playlists of their own.

First up to the plate was dear pal Chief and his Classic Christmas Playlist.

Then, from out of the clouds, comes the biggest swinging dick on the internet with a playlist so debonair I'm not even sure it belongs on the site for the common man, by the command man.

In terms of flaunting one's snootiness, and prestige, this playlist is a modern-day masterpiece that checks every box.

Am I 99.99999% certain that Silvana had a lot to do with this? 

When I see the likes of The Knocks, Sofi Tukker, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano on here, just to name a few, yes. Yes I am.

But that's not to say there aren't a ton of Dave classics on here. Albeit with a deep or tropical house spin to them.

All in all an extremely solid playlist from the man who dropped this gem just a few days prior.

Because I love everybody, I converted the playlist over to Apple Music so the Apple Music folks can listen along as well. You're welcome. Do us a favor and throw us a follow and a like so we can build this thing.

p.s. - we interviewed The Knocks a few months ago on our podcast "On The Guest List". Fuckin awesome guys who make awesome music. Terrible taste in basketball teams though.

p.p.s. - Dave has come a long way from the days of telling me to play Gangnam Style at Blackout shows.

p.p.p.s. -