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The Maine Celtics Are Somehow Saving Every Team In the NBA Other Than The Actual Celtics

Cole Burston. Getty Images.

The NBA is basically in shambles right now. Pretty much every team in the league is being gutted with health and safety protocols to the point where the league and the players association had to change the rules just so teams could add enough bodies to actually play. Something tells me things will only be getting worse before they get better, which is why over these next few days you're going to see a bunch of different 10 Day hardship signings. Some are coming from the G-League Ignite team, but honestly, it feels like 95% of the news we're seeing is coming from one place

The Maine Red Claws Celtics. 

It makes sense, the Maine Celtics are a G-League powerhouse at 10-2. Who wouldn't want part of that success on their roster? I'll tell you who. The actual Boston Celtics. What's funny about this is if there's any team in the league that could use some of these guys, it's actually them

Could they have used Luke Kornet? Yup. A stretch 5 who played OK in his limited appearances in Boston last year. Could they use additional wing help? I'd say so, but instead, they went with CJ Miles who basically wasn't in the NBA/G-League a week ago. While I think it'd be silly to think any of these hardship guys (outside of Isaiah!) will actually make any real concrete impact outside of some cardio work, it is funny to me that the Maine Celtics apparently have all this talent that the rest of the league wants yet Brad is not even remotely interested. It's not like they don't have the minutes to spare, shit they could only have 8 active guys tonight against the Sixers! 

Here's what I do know. You can absolutely take it to the bank that Kornet is going to be dominant if the Cavs game against the Celts actually happens on Wednesday. I'm happy these guys are getting a shot like Kornet, Pinson, Morgan etc, it's just odd that it's not happening with the team they are currently associated with that has the glaring need. I saw those guys play in Summer League, they were actually pretty good! Wouldn't you want any sort of continuity with the guys you bring in? That doesn't sound like all that crazy of an idea but oh well.

Honestly, the NBA basically needs to thank the Maine Celtics for saving the season. Think of all the games they'd have to postpone if that roster didn't come through like this. My question is more what's the point of having an affiliate team if when your NBA roster needs bodies you look everywhere else other than that team. Maybe there's a part to it that I'm missing, but isn't that the whole point? You have guys running your system and getting reps. Shouldn't that be where you go when your roster is in a pinch? 

Apparently not for the Celts. Oh well!