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Nothing But Respect For The Head Of Guam's Soccer Association Falling Asleep During A Vital World Cup Zoom Meeting

I know we like to overuse the term power move, but this is a power move. Oh you want to talk about moving the World Cup to every two years? At 1am my time? Good luck keeping me awake. I don't blame the head of Guam's soccer association one bit. Do you know how hard it is to stay awake during a meeting you know has 0 impact on you? It's not like Guam is out here competing. Sure they 'compete' but they aren't close. Perfect time to catch a snooze. Great shirt too. It's a step below Balls Beachwear, but it's a near perfect shirt. This is every dad on vacation. This is every dad in their recliner trying to stay awake for the west coast Gonzaga game. I can only respect this move. 

And let me be clear. The World Cup every two years is fucking stupid. I just don't get why we need to change everything. The World Cup being every four years is perfect. We get the build up through qualifying. We have the Euros and all other continental events between the World Cups. That's what you need to keep growing. 

Next time maybe FIFA will learn two important things. 1) Don't hold the World Cup in Qatar. 2) Don't ask a guy in Guam to do a Zoom meeting at 1am. This is what happens.