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John Mulaney And Olivia Munn Have Given Birth To A Baby Boy, And The Internet Thinks They Are Secretly Married

Olivia Munn is a new mom.

The Violet actress, 41, and comedian John Mulaney, 39, welcomed their first baby together, PEOPLE has confirmed.

A source close to the couple says Munn and Mulaney had a baby boy on Nov. 24. Representatives for the stars did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

The Mulaney-Munn Baby is here. It sounds like its healthy, and that's good. 

This whole situation has made me more uncomfortable as the days go by to talk about, but alas, I have a job to do. That job, is to bring you the facts. 

Fact #1 - This article, Entertainment Weekly, put in their little blurb at the top that Mulaney and his WIFE welcomed a baby boy:

Do I think they got secretly married? Or do I think EW fucked up? The latter, certainly. If John Mulaney and Olivia Munn were secretly married, we'd have a lot more evidence than this ominous secondary line of a gossip website article. Still, it's a chilling thought.

Fact #2 - Olivia had the baby back at the end of November.

Everyone is…asking questions! Again, I'm at the point where I'm uncomfortable talking about this, because there's a kid involved. But when you're in a major scandal as a bunch of celebrities, and you are so adamant about a specific timeline that you've released to the public…the public is going to start doing their own math:

There you have it. There are only two facts in this situation so far. People think there's a secret marriage, and nobody believes John's timeline anymore. Honestly, at this point, whatever. John and his ex wife, Anna have their own lives. It sounds like they've all been through hell, most of us still have…strong feelings towards Olivia and how she entered their lives, but now she's the mother of his child. Bound together forever. Just as she intended, I'm sure. 

Ultimately, it's none of our business. As I've learned in life, things usually work out the way they are supposed to. Patience is very much still a virtue. Congrats to the new parents!