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My Favorite Annual Christmas Tradition Has Been Snatched Away From Me In The Blink Of An Eye

It's the time of the year where people debate traditions. Real tree vs fake tree. White lights vs multicolor lights. All the different presents and gifts and everything else. But my favorite tradition is simple. I enjoy watching Kentucky smoke Louisville every year. That is now gone. Was it because Louisville lost to DePaul (now on COVID pause) or Western Kentucky? We'll never know. But we do know that this game is now postponed. 

I need it rescheduled. The state needs it rescheduled. It's one day that people base their entire life around. There have been fights in a dialysis center because of this game. I can't have Louisville not playing Kentucky during an entire year. It's tradition and Bobby likes tradition! 

I'm coming off a little bit of a high too after UK figured shit out and smoked UNC. I was ready to smoke another ACC team. Now we need to adjust on the fly. More importantly I need Kentucky to play a decent team. Give me Texas, give me WKU, give me someone who makes sense and can compete. I need UK to be firing on all cylinders before SEC play, especially with LSU coming up in a couple weeks. 

But now I'm sad. Christmas for me is simple. Real tree, multicolored lights. They go up first week of December. Then it's Kentucky beating Louisville a few days before Christmas. Red wine and NBA games on Christmas Day after opening gifts up in the morning. Flight to Charleston, SC the day after. How am I supposed to stay in this routine when all I can think about it Kentucky beating Louisville and Chris Mack being all huffy with the media again? How can I think about this without Louisville fans questioning if Chris Mack can lead the program? 

I know Rico blogged about Christmas traditions earlier: 

Answer is simple. Find the pickle ornament. It's as basic as it sounds. My parents had this pickle ornament that you'd hide the morning of Christmas somewhere on the tree, first person to find it gets an extra gift. Turns into full contact Oklahoma drills with my brother because a $25 gift card goes a LONG way when you're 17.