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Video: NYPD Rookie of the Year Gives Her Lieutenant the Best Lap Dance in Holiday Party History. But the Grinches in Charge are Investigating

Raunchy behavior at office holiday parties is as much a traditional part of the season as decorations, gifts, booze, my in-laws' passive/aggressiveness, and Hallmark movies about impossibly attractive career-driven singles who are ALL WRONG for each other discovering they're really soul mates. 

Your work party provides the precious few hours out of the work year when you can let down your guard, put aside your professionalism, tear down the facade of maturity and competence you have carefully crafted day in and day out over the year and show your coworkers your true face. To put it in Dunder-Mifflin terms, to stop being the Angela you pretend to be for one night, and let your inner Meredith flag fly. (Ideally, while looking like Karen Fillipelli.)

Sadly, not everyone believes in honoring that tradition. The buzzkills in charge of the NYPD apparently have a problem with this particular party and the world class lap dancer that just came on the force:

Source -  An NYPD rookie got down and dirty at a raucous holiday bash for her Bronx precinct — giving her lieutenant a raunchy, caught-on-video lap dance at the wild event, according to footage and sources.

The not-so-Finest moment infuriated department higher-ups, who have launched an investigation into Thursday’s incident — and already booted the lieutenant to Transit, sources told The Post.

The newbie female cop is seen in the seamy footage wearing a checkered black-and-white miniskirt, black cut-off tank top and black knee-high boots as she grinds on top of 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry in the Yonkers bar, according to law enforcement sources and several videos. ...

The married, grinning higher-up sits in his chair in the middle of the crowd — at times resting his hands on his sexy underling’s thighs — as she shakes her booty against his groin and some people cheer. ... 

A rep for the NYPD only said the department was looking into the incident. 

Listen, I'm all about this time of year being the Baby Jesus' birthday. Jesus is the reason for the season, and all that. 

But it's also a pagan celebration of the solstice. A goofy, silly, bacchanalia of hanging stuff on a pine tree in your living room, drinking mead and telling tales about a fat man who sneaks around slipping everybody presents. Something to put a smile on your face during the longest, darkest nights of the year. In the proud tradition of those godless, drunken savages, lighten up on the people like this rookie and her commanding officer. There's nothing about an insanely fit woman with spectacular dancing ability grinding her funny business on a married man's crotchal area that is going to hurt morale or undermine New York's Finest's ability to do their job. On the contrary. Few occupations have had a tougher couple of years than law enforcement. So let them blow off steam in this extremely sexy, team-building way. 

Sadly some people don't look at it that way. Which is why Lt. Nick McGarry has been transferred like a common wrongdoer. Like he's done something shameful, which he hasn't. It just goes to show that for every Bob Crachit, there's a Scrooge. For every George Bailey there's a Mr. Potter. For every Ralphie, there's a Scut Farkas. For every Rudolph, there's a Santa (who was truly a monster who mocked the differently abled and exploited his workers and is clearly the worst villain in Christmas fiction history). And I'm sorry for this lieutenant and his prized rookie. They deserve citations, not investigations.