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Baker Mayfield And Basically Everyone Tested Positive Again Today, And Now The Browns Practice Squad Is Playing In A Must Win Game

Welllllllllll shit. All of that whining and complaining for nothing. Forced the NFL to move the game back, but for what? The team that takes the field for the Browns today would be the exact same team that would've taken the field on Saturday night, except for 4 dudes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have these four back but they aren't why we needed to move the game. The Browns are now about to play in the most must-win game in Cleveland Browns history, and we're rolling out a practice squad QB to lead the rest of the practice squad players. This isn't right. I know health and safety was the reason for the original postponement, but a competition committee should step in now and recognize that this isn't fair. The Browns are in the midst of a playoff run and they're being forced to play with what could be the cast of The Replacements 2. 

Here's who still tested positive today and remain OUT:

That list wins the AFC North. But unfortunately, the team we put on the field tonight has to win for us to move into 1st in the AFC North. I'm not sure how it's humanly possible to win an NFL game with the crew we're putting out there, but on the bright side, Nick Mullens in an elite 3rd string QB.

Couldn't ask for a better option when your top 2 are both out. 3rd most passing yards through 13 starts in NFL history, and now he's about to lead the NFL in handoffs this week, as I except him to run three plays: hand off to Chubb right, hand off to Chubb left, and take a knee in victory formation. That's right folks. As much as it's complete bullshit that we have to play tonight, I still expect that the reigning Coach of the Year, Kevin Stefanski, will find a way to win this one.

Oh wait, he won't be there either.


Can't we move it to Tuesday?