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The Crowd Demanded A Show So This Australian Dude Did The Only Right Thing ... A Beer Chugging Masterclass

This dude needs to be celebrated. He's everything from a showman to an entertainer all mixed in with class. The crowd at this cricket game is out here demanding a show. They wanted to see someone chug a beer and Dana B is too busy in Mississippi. Too busy pissing off Florida State fans. But this guy? This guy had all the time in the world. Did the fake out with the walking only to stop and listen to the crowd again. Beautiful execution with that. 

I lost it when he did it the second time. What an unbelievable stepback to start chugging and dancing. That's a guy who needs to be at sporting events all the time. There's far too much fighting in the stands these days. Not anymore. Not with this guy around. Just let him wander around Raiders games and get the crowd jacked up to watch him chug beers. 

Apparently this is just a thing in Australian cricket? 

I love it. Need it in baseball. Put people in the bleachers in stadiums across the country just heckling people to drink beer. That's how we unite this country. That's how we fix baseball and stop letting morons vote for the Hall of Fame. Not sure how you pass out like that, but that's not the point. The point is we need beer hecklers.