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It Doesn't Matter How Sick A Dunk Is, You Can't Be Screaming YOWZA On TV When You're Down 30

Hey, I'm all for trying to get excited. I understand you have an audience tuning in to watch their beloved Hornets. But you can't be out here dropping YOWZA's when you're down 30. The dunk is sick. We can agree on that. Miles Bridges is entertaining as shit. But a YOWZA? Come on. Yowza's need to be held to high standards here. It's such an outrageous thing to say out loud as an adult, you need to wait until it's a game-winner. It's like Bill Raftery with onions. It's held for the right moment. It's saved for big shots when he can get all giddy which in turn gets me all giddy because nobody is better than Bill Raftery. The only thing missing here was his partner telling him to settle down because it's a 30-point game.