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After Seeing This Home Run Derby In The Bahamas I Need Every Future MLB Derby To Take Place Right On The Water

Pretty cool event down in the Bahamas this weekend that featured some MLB guys participating in a home run derby. Must be pretty sick to go down there and play some baseball, but even more sick when it's a home run derby directly into the ocean. The event is called the Don't Blink Home Run Derby and has been around since 2018 and the goal is to bring awareness and showcase the baseball talent from the Bahamas. Actually a really cool event that has a ton of events like a celebrity softball game, golf tournament, and this awesome derby. 

Who doesn't love watching guys hit homers? Especially in paradise. Just look at that batters eye, it's the Atlantic. Prob tough to pick up the ball with that batters eye though. But seriously, what an awesome setting for this. The videos from it are spectacular, everything about the event looks so cool. 

Jazz Chisholm naturally was the star, because of course he is. You knew he'd put on a show in this setting. And how about him casually breaking his necklace and just leaving it there. Necklace probably cost more than all the flights there combined and he's just letting it chill in the batters box. I just can't get over that view.

I'm pretty sure an independent league team did something like this a few years back but I need to see it here. I think it would be a fantastic event. Middle of the summer, get some guys to head down to Florida or something and hit bombs into the ocean. Nothing cooler than seeing baseballs hit into bodies of water, especially when it's big leaguers. Like forget the home run derby in San Fran, just do it on a beach next time. Same with PNC in Pittsburgh. Scratch that and bring the derby to Baltimore and have them hit homers from the inner harbor. 

Look at Lewis Brinson from 2020, he won the event last year and almost killed a bird in the process. Everything about this event is great, the Bahamas themed jerseys, the guys really getting into it, the florescent colored balls. How have we not made this a thing yet? What an awesome event that I hope brings a lot of awareness and recognition to the talent they have down there, hopefully this thing can keep growing and becomes more mainstream because it looks awesome. Home Run Derby's in the Bahamas, what could be better than that?