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"YOU DROPPED ME!? YOU'RE ASS!" Competitive eUnited Halo Infinite Player 'Sparty McFly' Screamed At FaZe Clan After Beating Them At HCS Raleigh

Nothing like some passionate gamers, huh?

Meet Spartan aka Sparty McFly  - he's a competitive Halo Infinite player for eUnited and he screamed bloody murder at FaZe Clan after beating them. Prior to this tournament, Spartan was dropped from FaZe Clan's Halo Infinite roster - so this game was a revenge tour for him and he absolutely cooked.

The drama didn't stop there. After beating FaZe, Sparty took to Twitter:

This matchup was punch your ticket into the Grand Finals, so the stakes were already high. Add in some personal backstory and boom - you got Sparty McFly screaming you're ass after losing.

Tournament Storylines

In the end, Cloud 9 ended up beating eUnited 4-1 in the Grand Finals. C9 simply looked dominant throughout the entire tournament and they ended up taking home a cool $140,000 for the team.

Series Highlights