New Giants LB Jaylon Smith Appeared To Be Celebrating With His Ex-Teammates As The Cowboys Lined Up In Victory Formation Today

I would go on a rant about how this is a black eye for the once proud franchise known as the New York Football Giants and blah blah blah about all the shit we were taught as kids while pledging our allegiance to Mr. Mara as well as the Giants Way. But there is nothing about this franchise to be proud about and there hasn't been for damn near a decade considering they have more losses than every NFL team not named the Jets over the last five years and may lead the league in embarrassing stories ever since this cursed picture entered our lives.

I honestly can't even get mad at Jaylon Smith for being happy for his boys after they got a big W. Jaylon knows he'll probably be cut on Tuesday since his job as a spy was complete and then he'll be a diehard Cowboys fan once again. Plus the Giants were willfully paying a Cowboys double agent to call shitty plays that caused the offense to sink like a stone back when there was a semblance of health on that side of the ball for Big Blue. 

I'm sure Coach Judge will say he has to look at the tape if he's asked about this tomorrow and John Mara will talk about reinstalling Giants Pride, like that's still a fucking thing anymore, after this nightmare season is over. But until actual actions are put in place to fix this shit from the top on down, we'll have to watch our biggest rivals absolutely CLOWN us every chance they get, even if they are wearing our team's colors while cashing our team's paychecks. Maybe a free large soda for all the idiots that root for this team will fix everything. What a fucking joke.