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A Jaguars Fan Found Himself Wide Open In The Endzone And Trevor Lawrence Still Couldn't Hit Him

I'm so upset - enraged, even - that this was a run play. A play action here and this guy is in the hospital so fast. Trevor Lawrence rolling out to his right on the bootleg, seeing this guy in his team's colors wide open, overthrowing him and causing a Texans' DB to launch in that general direction would've had this guy's spine pop out of his mouth like a Pez dispenser. This was one audible away from being an all time blooper and we've been robbed of it. The Jaguars can't do anything right. Also, how did he get that far onto the field without a single security guard noticing him wide open in the end zone? He wasn't sprinting, ref didn't blow his whistle, all this guy did is prove that even the people paid to watch Texans-Jags aren't watching Texans-Jags.