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The Panthers Kicker Had To Be Helped Off The Field During Warmups So Naturally Carolina Is Using Linebackers And Quarterbacks To Try And Replace Him

The NFL is such a funny sport. The kicker is an absolute afterthought until he fucks up or gets hurt. Then all of a sudden it's instant chaos and everyone is running around with their heads on fire trying to figure out if anyone else on the team even has legs. PJ Walker is an electric factory with the ball in his hands. With the ball on a tee he looks like me out there. I don't know how many times Carolina is going to be kicking off today so it might not end up being the biggest deal of all time, but if they somehow start scoring points all over the place I hope it's nothing but 2-point conversions and onside kicks. There's no better time to break out the trick play book than now. Fourth down attempts in plus territory and onside kicks all day long.