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NFL Round Up Week 15 - NFC

Here is everything that happened this weekend in the National Football Conference

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Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants +10.5
O/U 44.5


Was Tevon Diggs getting a pick against Mike Glennon the easiest bet in the history of prop bets?

DeMarcus Lawrence forced a fumble and made two other big plays that led to 15 points and the Dallas defense forced four turnovers for the third straight game Sunday.

Prescott finished 28 of 37 for 217 yards. Schultz caught all eight of his targets for 67 yards.

Talk of this game was former Cowboy Jaylon Smith celebrating as the clock wound down.

Cowboys 21
Giants 6

Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions +12.5
O/U 37.5

Fuck your parlays.

Perhaps a little too much fun at the Greek Town Casino (Home of the Barstool Sportsbook) Saturday night in Motor City for the Cards?

Goff completed 21 of 26 passes for 216 yards with three touchdowns.

Murray looked shaky in this one. He went 23 of 41 for 257 yards with a touchdown and an interception, adding up to a 72.9 passer rating

Guy still may be the greatest scambler since Doug Flutie though even on his bad days

I tried telling the world, Dan Campbell is the fuckin man and guys like playing for him. Goes a long way in this league. Just ask Urban Meyer.

Cardinals 12
Lions 30

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers -9.5
O/U 46

Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 235 yards and a touchdown, San Francisco ran for three more scores

Aside from this, it was a rough day for ATL


Matt Ryan doesn't get mentioned enough in the conversation for QBs that have taken a fucking POUNDING over their careers and kept playing hard. There should be a yearly award called the Jay Cutler award given out to these unsung heroes each season.

No "thanks babe"?

Falcons 13
49ers 31

Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens +7
O/U 43.5

Mark Andrews shoved it up all the hater's asses in this one

This Huntley kid is pretty pretty good

Huntley threw for 215 yards and two first-half touchdowns, and ran for two more.

But Aaron Rodgers was Aaron Rodgers. He threw three touchdown passes — tying Favre on Green Bay's career list

Green Bay fans will continue to be triggered by any and all claims that Rodgers and the Pack play by different rules

In the end, Harbaugh gonna Harbaugh

Packers 31
Ravens 30

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -11.5
O/U 45.5

So fuckin fast

This made me lol

As did this. Shout out Jonathan

This made TB12 laugh

This game as u-g-l-y

Not a good night for Tom


Saints 9
Buccaneers 0

Tonight we've got the Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears +5.5 (44.5)


Tuesday the Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams -5.5 (55.5)


the Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Eagles -7.5 (43.5)