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Bill Clark & UAB Knock off #13 BYU In Front of Sold Out Crowd on Majestic Day

Bill Clark and UAB upset #13 BYU 31-28 in front of a raucous sold out crowd on a gorgeous Shreveport, Louisiana Saturday in the Independence Bowl.

(It was actually pouring down rain, windy & cold with thousands of empty seats everywhere) 

I was a little bitch and skipped the 1st half because of the miserable weather. The heavy rain stopped at halftime and I went for the 2nd half. UAB led 21-14 at halftime. 

And I am damn glad I did. The 2nd half was a back and forth affair with BYU battling back to take 28-24 lead at beginning of 4th quarter. 

I took BYU -6.5 at Margaritaville Bossier City (PENN) earlier today and was hoping for a lucky cover.

My BYU ticket got shredded when UAB scored on a 14 yard TD pass on 4th down to take 3 point lead. I felt like the only person on BYU side worried about a cover. Not sure the Mormons get down like that.

BYU fumbled in UAB territory after a long completed pass and UAB ran out the clock for the win.

Despite losing, I was more than impressed by the BYU fans. They showed up in solid numbers and were loud on a miserable weather day. They even formed a long line tanking their players for 10 win season as they exited the field for final time. Some things…..

But the story of the day was Bill Clark and UAB. The Blazers have turned into one of the most consistent programs in the country after losing football for two whole seasons! They have a new stadium now and Clark stuck with them through thick and thin. Hard to not pull for those guys after all the BS they went through.

One bowl game down and two more to go (Sugar & Texas) on my Southern trip home for the holidays.

My Sup Fellas hoodie kept me warm today at the game. Here’s the link if you are so inclined to buy one.