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Holy Cow This Video of Urban Meyer Being An Absolute Dick to Jeremy Fowler Is Wild

It’s been a rough 8 months for Ol’ Urban. Getting piled on pretty good. I don’t know how I missed this or where I’ve been but HOLY SHIT how has this not been a viral clip yet? This has Mike Gundy “IM A MAN” potential here. Urban and the “you’re not that guy pal” dude have to be related. If they aren’t brothers they’re at the very least cousins whose dads would get drunk and pin them against each other growing up while they flick cigarette ash at them while laughing. You know, real dickhead stuff. 

He sounds EXACTLY like the guy when he turns around and says “careful. What’s that?” I thought it was dubbed over. And he’s doing this to Jeremy Fowler? All due respect to Jeremy, and I think he’s a good reporter, but the guy looks like a huge dork. Guess it makes sense why Urban would go after him like that because Urban has definitely proven he thinks he’s some big bad tough guy. That’s what fake tough guys do. Flex their muscles on guys like Jeremy Fowler or a fuckin’ kicker. 

I genuinely feel bad For whoever married or marries this guy’s daughter. Having to have dinner and celebrate holidays and small talk with that prick has to be an absolute nightmare. Imagine having to play 18 holes with your father in law urban meyer. Anyways I’m getting away from the point which is I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this video. Need it to be added to the Urban Rolodex of memes which is reaching a “greatest hits” level list at this point.