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Someone Just Got Face Fucked Inside The UFC Octagon

We're a few fights into the final UFC card of 2021 and we've got a face fucking, folks! Can you believe it?! I did not have that on my 2021 MMA Bingo sheet personally.

Don'Tale Mayes is the face fucker, and Josh Parisian is the one who got his face fucked - and you shouldn't be surprised to find out that Mayes got the TKO in the very next round….

You just don't come back from gettin your face fucked. 

Shoutout to Brendan Fitzgerald for being the voice of the common man there and just letting out his complete befuddlement on commentary. I love Michael Bisping but everyone watching that was thinking "That dude is getting his face fucked! What the fuck?!" and not "Wow, what CREATIVE STRIKING!"

It looked like the ref even told Mayes to stop, and I don't know if it's because his thigh was kinda hitting a grounded opponent, or if he was just creeped out. Mighta been the latter. No being a perv in the octagon.

Just a hilarious moment. Congrats to Mayes on the win.