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OpTic Halo Sweeps The Sentinels In Their First Matchup During The HCS Raleigh Major

OpTic Gaming sweep the Sentinels in their first matchup at the Halo Championship Series Raleigh Major. The significance of this matchup goes beyond two of the top teams squaring off.

FormaL is in an OpTic Gaming legend was playing for the Sentinels in this tournament. Previously, FormaL was one of the best Professional Call of Duty players ever and he decided to hang up the sticks after the Cold War season. Prior to Call of Duty, he was a former Halo pro and always loved the franchise. So, this year he decided to compete professional in Halo Infinite and it doesn't look like he's skipped a beat.

In the past he was playing for Spacestation, but due to a cheating Scandal unfolding in the Halo Infintie Scene, it left the Sentinels with an open roster spot. Here's the recap:

So, fast forward to today and here is the matchup everyone's been waiting for! OpTic seems like they haven't missed a step and the Sentinels appear to be working on chemistry, while the talent and gun skill is certainly there.

Plays From The Series:

OpTic Lucid appears to be the best player in the game right now and his posture is impeccable.