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Call Of Duty Added "Krampus" Into Their Game And It's The Dumbest Update Of All Time

What even is this game? I need to know who comes up with this idea and more importantly WHO APPROVES IT!

Right now, if you play any game mode, beware of Krampus hunting your ass and throwing snowballs at you. If you don't shoot him with 400 bullets, he'll kill you and end your Warzone game.

Let me set the scene in the clip above, there's 9 people alive (myself included), I have 8 kills and 4th zone is closing. It's fairly late in the game and I'm trying to clutch up for a win. Then, out of nowhere I see "KRAMPUS IS HUNTING YOU" in big bold letters on my screen. Oh yeah, he hunts you for a full 3 minutes, so good luck trying to run away from him. After shooting him with about 30-40 rounds, he'll teleport somewhere near you and try to either melee you or throw snowballs at you.

Whether you're playing Vanguard or Warzone, Krampus is coming for that ass.

Godspeed, soldiers.

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