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My 600th Warzone Win Was An Absolute Banger - Here's The Warzone Loadout That's Currently The Meta

Win number 600. It's been quite a journey to say the least since Warzone first dropped in March 2020.

I dropped an 18 bomb with this BAR class (checkout the video for the loadout - I need the views to feed my family).

On a related note, there's a YouTube series that I started prior to joining Barstool called "MRags Training Camp" and it was all tailored around helping the average Warzone player get more wins and become a better player. You can checkout the playlist here - most of the videos still apply when I talk about rotation, centering, etc. I'll be starting this series up soon with Caldera! Stay tuned for more.

Lastly, it's 2XP weekend and you gotta be trying to rank up as many guns as possible during this time. The Caldera Meta is gonna be changing fast and the more guns you have at a high level, the better off you'll be. Here's my list of guns to rank up: