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‘I Love The University Of Kentucky’ - Louisville’s Interim President Admits The Truth During Graduation

Tough to argue here. The University of Kentucky is superior to Louisville in every single fashion. It's a better school and people that are supposed to be running Louisville even knows the truth. They love the University of Kentucky. They love Lexington. They love Keeneland. They love it all. My favorite part of this all is how pissed Louisville fans will be since they are convinced UK people are invading their school and athletic department just to sabotage it all. That would just be what Louisville does, but it makes it entertaining at least. 

I'm just glad everyone who is graduating from Louisville with have this memory. For one day, one brief moment they get to hear what it's like to be graduating from the better institution, better athletic department and just more enjoyable experience. Louisville should just make her the permanent President. You can't top someone who is going to try and be UK.