The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Is Completely Off The Rails: The Defense Rested It's Case After Just Two Days, Nine Out Of Their 35 Witnesses Actually Showing Up, & Ghislaine Declined To Take The Stand

CNN - Ghislaine Maxwell's defense team has rested its case in her sex trafficking conspiracy trial without Maxwell taking the stand to testify.

The defense rested after presenting its case over two days in which nine witnesses were called to testify in defense of Maxwell, a close confidante and longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Prosecutors said they would not put on any rebuttal.

Maxwell confirmed she would not testify in her defense Friday. Asked by Judge Alison Nathan if she understood her rights, Maxwell pulled down her mask and responded, "Your honor, the government has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt and so there is no need for me to testify."

Closing arguments are expected Monday, and Judge Nathan said she expects to instruct and charge the jury the same day, giving jurors two days to deliberate before court closes next Thursday and Friday for the Christmas holidays.

The jury can return to continue deliberating the following week if they have not reached a verdict.

I wrote this blog the other day about what a charade this whole "trial" has been since it began.

A 25-minute opening statement. 4 victim-witnesses called by the government. The major whistleblower never called to give testimony. Ten days total presenting their "case.”

I pointed out the coincidence of James Comey's daughter being lead prosecutor for the government, and them having two years to build their case, and trotting out this clown show.

I didn't even get into the rumors of the judge presiding over the trial being specially appointed to this case, and her rumored ties to secret societies. 

I mentioned the US Attorney's never offering Maxwell a plea deal in exchange for giving up all the big names tied to this disgusting criminal enterprise.

I mentioned the US Attorney's never offering any of Maxwell's conspirators to turn against her and give testimony. Again, Legel 101 stuff. Especially for a case of this magnitude.

I mentioned the pathetic amount of "coverage" being given to the case by the mainstream media. 

And the censoring of social media accounts that have been covering the case independently.

If you haven't read it already, give it a read. It's long but it's worth it.

KFC basically used it as an outline for his One Minute Man episode-

It's crazy when I write about stuff that's not the disastrous Chicago Bears, or tits and ass, I get flooded with responses on social media commending me or blasting me. The reach of Barstool really is incredible. 

This time was probably the craziest it's been. And not in a good way.

It's 99% private messages or emails, which is frustrating because people are either too afraid to publicly agree on the record with a view or stance, which is a really sad sign of the times. Or they're too pussy to address you publicly, as themselves, so they use an anonymous account or something to tell you what a moronic piece of shit you are and they hope you die a slow and painful death. 

Good times.

Then there's guys like this, who are a dime a dozen, who know everything and tell you how wrong you are about everything.


(Full disclosure, this stemmed from me complaining about the non-stop around-the-clock coverage STILL about the Jussie Smollett trial, and the January 6th proceedings, by CNN and other networks compared to the non-existent coverage of the Maxwell trial.)

But to Matthew, and the rest of the lunatics in my mentions, you're flat out wrong. That's not opinion. It's fact. 


And yes, nothing about this trial is standard practice, or going routinely. 

After that long-winded introduction, it was hard for anybody to believe the trial cold get any more fucked up than it had been the first two weeks. But then this week happened.

The Defense Team (which Maxwell allegedly shelled out $26 MILLION dollars to retain btw) talked a ton of trash before their case began. They promised 35 witnesses and "shocking testimony" that would show the world Maxwell was an innocent woman caught up in a spider web of evil-doers she was oblivious of. 

It sounded like it was sheets for the government's case, because it was such an embarrassment from start to finish. Maxwell's lead shark defense attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, painted a picture in her opening statement that Maxwell was this feminist scapegoat, guilty of nothing except being the perfect fall woman. But when the prosecution closed their case to the surprise of everybody last week, the real shit show began.

The defense, caught off guard, scrambled for more time and requested a delay. The judge moved their presentation back to Thursday of this week.

Experts predicted this thing going well through next week and not wrapping up until after Christmas.

But then hell broke loose for Maxwell.

The judge denied her teams request to allow several of her witnesses to give testimony anonymously. So they said nevermind, and dropped out from backing her up. Rough.

Then more refused to show up.

One even said if they were forced to show up to testify they would take the 5th. Which is laugh out loud funny from a legal perspective. The defense calling a witness in its case that was threatening to take the 5th is unheard of. Again, I didn't go to FSU pre law, but that's the exact opposite of what you want to do in a trial. Legal 101.

Next came the fiasco of an 81-year-old tavern owner from England still being in England and not being able to fly over here to testify. Maxwell's team was literally frantic.


Again, the best sources I've found to follow this trial aren't any mainstream accounts. They're this lady from California who's sat in the courtroom every day documenting what's going on. 

She's also one of the ONLY people anywhere asking the question of just how deep did Epstein have his claws into Prince Andrew and the Royal Family, and will we ever truly know if Prince Andrew and his cohorts will face their day in court. (Spoiler alert - No.)





Here's how today's circus went down -

Laugh out loud funny if it wasn't so suspicious. 

Now that Epstein is dead, this lady is probably our only shot at bringing this entire thing down, and bringing those guilty to justice. Her life is on the line, she's shelled out MILLIONS to protect herself, there are big names in the shadows shittig their pants hoping this all goes according to "their plan", and this is the best the defense does?



An even worse performance than the prosecution presented?


Which is why the whole thing stinks to high heavens even more than it already did.

Giphy Images.

Will we ever get any answers from this? 

Were we ever intended to?

Probably not to both of those.

In closing, for those that still think this doesn't matter, or is an over reaction, this lady nailed why it does and isn't.