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Rupert Murdoch Just Bought A Real Life Yellowstone Ranch In Montana For A Cool $200 Million And I Need Ranch Money

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Jerry Murdoch, have purchased a Montana cattle ranch spanning about 340,000 acres from Matador Cattle Co., a subsidiary of Koch Industries. The price was roughly $200 million, making it the largest ranch sale in Montana history, according to people with knowledge of the deal.

“This is a profound responsibility,” Mr. Murdoch said through a spokesman. “We feel privileged to assume ownership of this beautiful land and look forward to continually enhancing both the commercial cattle business and the conservation assets across the ranch.”

Fucking hell! Rupert Murdoch, that FoxNews Australian fuck just dropping the fucking BAG to get a BIG piece of land in Montana. $200 million for 340,000 acres near Yellowstone National Park. I am so tired of other people living out my dreams. I had never heard of this ranch. The show "Yellowstone" has awakened the cowboy dream in people across the country. I think people read this headline and saw who the buyer was and their heart broke a bit. There was no John Dutton in this situation to go to war to keep these fucking big money interlopers out of Montana. The reason there was no John Dutton...because Murdoch bought from his old pal, David Kock of "Koch Industries". Just one rich dude selling it to his rich friend and absolutely FUCKING my future plans. 

My future plans are built around the Big Sandy Ranch in Montana. I mean look at this thing

Absolutely gorgeous. I've been eyeballing this ranch for YEARS now. I've been thinking about making an offer and hoping the price comes down a bit off it's $66M price tag. Quite honestly I can't afford that right now. My budget for a home in 2022 is somewhere between $350-400k if I tighten my belt a bit. Now, with Murdoch resetting the market with this absurd offer for a ranch not even really on the market the Big Sandy Ranch is going to reappraised to something I can't even fathom. Fucking SUCKS. 

Maybe my dream of being a rancher will have to start smaller. 

We talked about all of that and more with our OG friend, Jim Graziano on Dogwalk this week. The way we farm, consume, and waste food is a GIANT problem in this country. I think you could make the argument that it is the biggest problem.