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The Browns/Raiders Line Has Shifted 10.5 Points In Four Days

The line opened on Monday as Browns -6.5. Let me do some mathematics real quick.

Giphy Images.

Guys that's a 10.5 point swing and it's not even lunchtime on Friday. 

What are we even doing here? This no longer football. This is a bunch of power and money hunger suits in the NFL front office that would rather put a couple bucks in their pockets than ensure the safety of its players. There's no other way to describe what's going on in the league right now. Multiple teams are with 20+ players out. In the middle of the playoff push. Teams that don't even resemble themselves are being forced to play this weekend in games with monumental implications on the postseason. 

I mean, Browns covid list right now by itself would win 11 games:

Folks our Covid reserve list team would beat the team we're being forced to put out there tomorrow by 75 points. Would be the first ever running clock in a professional football game. And that's why the line has shifted over 10 points in four days. I've never seen anything like it. How could you not hammer the Raiders? They're playing a practice squad team. Literally.

And Barstool Sportsbook is dishing out even more analytics:

Hey here's a couple more hot tips for those of you guys deciding on how to handicap this game:

- The Browns have 8 of their 22 starters active tomorrow.

- The Browns just signed Kyle Lauletta to potentially play quarterback on Sunday because Baker Mayfield has covid, Case Keenum has covid, and 3rd stringer Nick Mullens is one test away from the Browns not having a QB on their roster. Oh, and if you want to know where we snagged Lauletta from, we poached him right off the JAGUARS PRACTICE SQUAD.

The NFL is a joke. Biggest game of the season and we're trotting out the Bad News Bears.