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Every Player On The Washington Football Team Now Has COVID


That's number 22, folks. 22 WFT players on the COVID list, and 24 if you include me and PFT. But somehow they are still expected to suit up and play on Sunday vs the Eagles, more or less with a playoff spot on the line. YUCK. 

You can win in this league with backups at some positions. But not at all of them. And certainly not at QB, which is now down to....




Shurmur could get the start because he's been on the practice squad all season. But does it matter? Might as well bring back in Mark Sanchez. The game on Sunday is set to go on as scheduled, which could end up being one of the most lopsided games in NFL history. Whole thing sucks.

By the way, having COVID sucks. Today is day 3 and I'm miserable. If this is how it is for vaccinated people, I cannot imagine being unvaxed. Sounds like a torture chamber that I want no part of. Be safe friends.