An Ice Cream Man's Funeral Procession Is The Most Hauntingly Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen Or Heard

Shit man, I didn't think I'd be crying on a Friday morning as the spirit of Christmas is being pumped into our brains overtime yet here we are. The amount of joy an ice cream man brings to lives of total strangers cannot be measured with the crude scales of man. So when we lose one, it should hurt. However hearing those trucks' jolly jingles merge together into a melancholy melody is what really fucked me up. Those songs should cause a Pavlovian instinct to run out of your house with a 20 to load up on some Choco Tacos and Chipwiches, not a feeling of loss. The symbolism of everything taking place during the cold dreariness of December instead of the warm excitement of July is not lost on me either. But seeing all these competitors come together to honor one of their fallen frozen food friends is as beautiful as it is sad.

I am going to have to rewatch the Dog Walk interview with an ice cream truck driver to get a smile back on my face (he's also Rear Admiral's uncle which obviously means he's an absolute character).

Obligatory power rankings of ice cream truck treats as well.