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Baker Mayfield Took A Big Ol' Dump On The NFL For Not Postponing The Browns Game

Good thing Twitter expanded that 140 character limit, but that's not even the full list of Browns players that are out. There are currently 21 players on Cleveland' Covid Reserve list, including both of our active QBs on any given Sunday. And that means that as of now, third string QB Nick Mullens will be walking into the stadium to start in perhaps the most playoff-influencing football game of the season.

The line has shifted from Browns -6.5 to Raiders -4. More than a ten point swing in just a couple days. You guys know I'm not one to complain but at some point someone in the NFL front office needs to realize that this isn't football anymore. You're sending out the Little Giants without Icebox here to compete against a professional football team. And this has to be less about making money and more about the health and safety of our players. FIVE BROWNS PRACTICED WITH COVID YESTERDAY. All because the NFL is making us get ready to play a game. And guess what? Now more players are going to have it today. And then we're going to play tomorrow (and lose by 100 points because we're sending out the equivalent of a pretty good high school football team) and then the Raiders are going to have it. Folks, can we get Fauci on line 1 with the NFL headquarters? I'm not sure Roger Goodell knows this disease is contagious.

I personally think the Browns should boycott the game. Just don't show up. Cut communications with the league office and say if you really care more about playing this game than the health of human beings, give the Raiders the win. The world would be on our side.

Baker Mayfield went the other route: he lit up the NFL via Twitter.

What kind of rinky dink circus is Goodell running? Bakers right, something does seem off here. How are they going to say they won't test vaccinated players and then pull this off? And in the midst of this outbreak, why are we testing AFTER practice? 

The NFL is either trying to cheat the Cleveland Browns or is just flat out dumb. Neither one is acceptable. This football game needs to be delayed. This entire week of games needs to be delayed.

Jarvis Landry agrees: