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Big Cat Is Tearing Up Twitter Spaces

If you weren’t on Twitter yesterday, twitter spaces were all the rage, and our guy Big Cat was attending as many as he could. Now Big Cat is an extremely important voice to have in the discourse, and technology has advanced to the point where he can truly get involved. 

Big Cat is a seeker of truth. This isn't about left or right this is about winners and losers, giving picks and giving WINNERS.

It's about figuring out what's going on with Urban Meyer and whether Winners are being brought down by Losers! Who is "they"!

It's about a man facing his fanbase and answering for the company at large, it's about the new CFB landscape and whether players are being paid. 

The story of a man who will stop at nothing to ensure he is heard by his peers. Even if it means burners.

Big Cat in Twitter spaces is like what a Greek philosopher would be if he had access to the internet. He can surface in all types of discourse and ask the hardest-hitting questions. This one regarding beers, weed, and golf. 

The man can check in on discourse across the pond. Figure out what to do about a futball team across the globe. 

Modern man has so many resources at his fingertips, it is a miracle that one man can have all this power.