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Hmmm: Ohio State/Kentucky Just Got Canceled And Rick Pitino Happens To Be Looking On Twitter For A Team To Play Against Iona

Here we go again with all the cancellations and last minute things. It sucks, it all just sucks. Leading the headlines is Ohio State/Kentucky getting canceled out in Vegas. Earlier today there was a whole thing with Seton Hall and Iona: 

That game is now canceled which leads to this tweet from Pitino: 

Well, here's a little idea. Rick Pitino v Cal. Rick Pitino vs Kentucky. Shit, CBS is already working on something. 

Sure the likely outcome is UK playing UNC since their game against UCLA is canceled. But I still want to see Pitino vs Kentucky. It needs to happen. Maybe Pitino gets a little huffy again being at Iona and not at Louisville losing to Kentucky all the time. 

Just make it happen. I hate seeing all these games getting canceled.