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Sean O'Malley Once Literally Kicked The Shit (Poop) Out Of A Sparring Partner

Well that story just got grosser and grosser! At first, I figured Suga kicked the guy, he shit himself, and then left to go clean up - but NOOOO!

Not only did they not realize the dude shit himself, it leaked out of his fuckin drawers onto the canvas.....AND THEN SEAN STEPPED IN IT!

What happens next?! I'm really curious. I think if I'm Sean O'Malley and I unexpectedly get shitfoot, I'm literally puking all over the canvas. I think some fighters (with a temper) may find that so disgusting they knock the sparring partner out for shittin all over the place. Just mark this down as another reason you'll never see me in the cage, though - wouldn't wanna get shitfoot. 

As someone who's had dogs my whole life, I can tell you from experience that there was nothing worse growing up than hopping out of the pool on a hot Summer day only to make a Play-Doh Fun Factory out of a turd and your foot. Just putrid scenes.

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