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All These Years Later And "Vindicated" By Dashboard Confessional Still Goes So Hard

With the new Spider-Man movie coming out tonight and tearing into the multiverse, the only thing we can hope for is that somehow Dashboard is able to crossover from their timeline into the current one. 

"Vindicated" was released in 2004. 17 years ago for all you bozos out there who aren't up to speed with your basic arithmetic. And if it were kept under wraps for the past 17 years and released today?  Well it would still be the hottest track on the charts. As far as songs that come on in the car and immediately make you want to roll up the windows, max out the volume and scream sing along at the top of your lungs go, "Vindicated" is right up there at the top. 

And sure, nostalgia probably plays a major role in this one. You think back to your world in 2004. Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man, MTV and VH1 were still showing music videos, maybe you just recently touched your first boob, who knows. But nostalgia or not, this song goes incredibly hard. Hard enough that I'm willing to bet that whoever clicked on this blog couldn't bring themselves to stopping the song before it was over. And I've got some bad news for you, cowboy. You're not going anywhere any time soon. Because it's time for some more Dashboard.