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Jumpsuit January Is Back!

The first Jumpsuit January occurred 4ish years ago, in January of 2017

These guys look pretty damn sick, still do till to this day, but especially in this picture. Jump Suit January started like no other trend. Just a bunch of dudes wearing jumpsuits to the office every day. It was dope. It still is. 

The origin of Jump Suit January is as relaxed as you would feel in a Jumpsuit. The guys just wanted to feel relaxed going into the New Year. So they were going to rock jumpsuits every day of January so they could flex their relaxation on everyone else. 

The actions they did in 2017 revolutionized the fashion game in January. January has never been the same since.

Jumpsuit January was indeed the day that Pardon My Take went from Podcasters to huge influencers. Their legendary style echos in eternity. You as well could join the legendary squad.